At what cost …?

You know the times are a changing when conventional companies like Becel start putting out vegan products. I saw this ad in a magazine today and was floored. Wow. Becel has packaging with the word “vegan” on the label!

Now before you get all excited that the price point is cheaper then say a product like Earth Balance – at what cost? Let’s remember who makes Becel. Unilever. What is Unilver guilty of? Animal testing … while they state on their website:

“Unilever is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and to the safety of our workforce and the environment. Where some testing is required by law or currently unavoidable, we aim to minimize the number of animals used.

In pursuit of these goals, Unilever on the one hand applies strict internal control procedures to ensure that animal testing is only carried out when no alternatives are available, and on the other hand, invests in developing and applying alternative approaches to replace animal testing in safety assessments for consumer products.

By adopting this dual approach, we advance the elimination of animal testing and reduce the number of tests to the absolute minimum. We provide transparency both in the use of animals and in the progress made in developing alternative approaches.”

To me it’s just lots of blah blah blah. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! There are so many fantastic vegan products on the shelves – why bother purchasing from companies who are trying to capitalize on a growing vegan market while continuing to test/exploit animals for profit.

Don’t forget that where/how/who you spend your $$ on dictates the marketplace and that’s why I will continue to support vegan friendly companies like Earth Balance.

In happier news Earth Balance now has a SOY FREE product!!

I haven’t seen it in the markets in Victoria yet but you can be sure I’ll be first in line when it arrives! Wahoo!

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