You know you've made it when …

You know you’ve made it when …  the crazy Christians (not to be confused with my lovely sane Christian readers) write you hate-mail. I won’t transcript the entire letter but this part made me laugh out loud:

“One thing that I did find (in regards to HIAV) was two references to “X-mas,” a spelling that I considered out of place and frankly, insulting. If you at some point in your prefatory notes quoted a line or two from a poem, wouldn’t you have felt obliged to give credit to it’s author? How fair is it then that you deliberately snub the “author” of CHRISTmas?”

This dudes letter was so bizarre that I felt compelled to sign him up for a free package of Adult Diapers and for a newsletter from NAMBLA.

But of course I didn’t do that… or did I? 🙂

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