YAY United Airlines

When I booked my plane tickets to follow The Go-Go’s on their farewell tour I booked 2 tickets with United and 2 tickets with American Airlines.

When The Go-Go’s had to cancel their tour I contacted both airlines to cancel my tickets. Let’s contrast and compare customer service shall we?

-Charged me $150 to cancel each ticket.
-One of my tickets was only for $75 so it wasn’t worth it to cancel so I just had to let that one go.
-When I asked if I could “gift” that ticket to a organization like a children’s hospital or some other non-profit group they said “No. We don’t do things like that.”

I cancelled both my tickets with United via their online cancellation service and guess what? They are giving me 100% of my $$ back because I purchased online with my credit card AND they sent me a really nice letter.

Lesson learned? When booking any future tickets in America I will only be purchasing ticktets from UNITED AIRLINES! Thank you so much UNITED for your awesome customer service!! You ROCK!

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