Yay Jen!!

What a week!

My friend Jen came into town from Toronto and we had a great visit. We did a lot of talking, eating and also a little shopping. We ended up buying matching leggings. Ha ha. What a couple of dorks we are.


Chemo went pretty ok this week. I had to do the pre-meds again but this time I knew they were coming so I was more mentally prepared. Jen was great… I warned her about how drunk they make me so she knew what to expect.

We went to chemo in matching pants … ha ha. Everyone at the Chemo Clinic laughed when they saw us. It was awesome.


Jen drove me home and I crashed with Fergus. I barely remember anything …

One thing I did differently this week was to take an Ativan before I took my post-chemo nap. The Dexamethazone/Benedryl gives me terrible nap-mares and I wake up several times moaning/shaking and terrified. The Ativan really helped with this … I woke up super groggy and Jen said I was slurring my words a little (ha ha) but I wasn’t terrified when I woke up so I’ll take groggy over scared out of my mind with anxiety any day.


I really think Fergus is enjoying all this cuddling.  🙂

So now I have TWO chemos left. Ugh. Can you believe it? I can’t … It’s become such a weird routine. I can’t even fathom what it will be like to not have to do it anymore.

It was such a bummer to send Jen home on Thursday. I had a little cry after I put her on the airport shuttle bus and then I spent most of the day moping around feeling sad about her leaving. 🙁

Aren’t best friends the best? When you see them it’s like no time has passed … there’s no “catching up” – it’s just full-on-fun from the second you see them again. Good friends like that are precious.

I also shaved my head this week. The chemo hair that’s growing-in is a weird texture. Like rabbit fur. It was fun to see it coming in but after a while it was starting to make me feel “not cute”.

Partly because it was so thick in the back of my head and almost nonexistent on top. I was starting to look like Patrick Stewart – who I think is adorable but it’s not a good look on me – so I shaved it back down to the scalp. 🙂


“Someone” is feeling cute again. 🙂


Shaving my head felt good… It feels more like a choice. Ya know what I mean? I’ll grow it in eventually but not until it starts acting like normal hair again.

So this week was good. I am so thankful for Jen coming and lifting my spirits like she did. Besty best friends are the best!! 🙂


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6 Responses to Yay Jen!!

  1. You sound so upbeat! Loving the matching leggins. Jelly I am.

  2. M. Grey says:

    You’re so amazing, Sarah. I’m glad to hear you only have two treatments left.

  3. kristine bechard says:


  4. Sneaky says:

    Best friends really are the best thing in the world. I shaved off my newly growing hair twice before I let it be and embraced the fuzzies. Power to you.

  5. Angie says:

    Great new haircut! Where did you get your tights? I love them.

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