I had a great/busy weekend with Gerry.

what a man ...

We FINALLY got around to patching up the ceiling in the kitchen … Whenever we do work in the kitchen I always make a “decontamination chamber”. This hi-tec invention consists of towels on the floor. When you leave the construction area you are to wipe your feet on the decontamination area as to avoid spreading any dust/drywall/sawdust throughout the house.

decontamination chamber

As you can see … *cough* … someone forgot to decontaminate. And it wasn’t me!!


Here’s a pic of Mad Cat’s house …

Mad Cat House

I was starting to worry about him because we haven’t seen him for a few days … but I saw him last night on a wood pile staring at me. He wouldn’t come over no matter how much “kitty kitty” I gave him. He is a tough nut to crack.

Riddle me this? WHY does my dog like to play in the stinky seaweed? He came home bright green!!


Maybe he’s getting ready for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween … it’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already being bombarded with X-mas crap. Ugh. Why? Can’t they wait till Nov 1st to torture me? I’ve been bit by the Bah-Humbug already!!

I picked up a new buffet/sideboard the other day for the living room and I’m soooo happy with it. Now I just have to find a good rug for under the table. I’m trying to find a gray or orange shag … but no luck so far. 🙁


In other news. I finally saw my book on display at Safeway!! I’m not sure why I’m posing like a troll (must be all the food in my arms) but I’m thrilled to see my book for sale in such a “normal” store.


Slowly taking over the world one book at a time!! Boohahaha!

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  1. Niki says:

    Is that your boyfriend?!

    Why don’t I know any hot vegans in Melbourne?!

  2. Maria Rose says:

    Ooo, that sideboard is great! Looks like it was meant to be right there!

  3. Sigh says:

    Interesting …. I actually ‘found’ you through Safeway. My dad has gone Vegan due to health issues and I wanted to do some studying on the subject. I went to the grocery store, looked the the books and saw your smiling face. So thanks!

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