Hearts on Noses

I received a nice letter today from Hearts on Noses today – check out the work they do HERE.

Sarah, thank you for going public and making a stand for animals in food production.
All change begins somewhere and the SPCA will evolve as the public demands it. When I first started bringing pigs home, livestock for the most were simply shipped to auction. Pot bellied pigs were kept in dog kennels on hard cement surfaces with a bucket for water. Now we see them on surfaces covered in sawdust with big piles of hay and a water dish they can drink out of. Farm animals are seized along with our precious cats and dogs and are put up for adoption too. Change will come as long as we keep speaking out on there behalf.

Keep Pork Off Your Fork!
Janice Gillett
Hearts On Noses – A Mini Pig Sanctuary in Maple Ridge – British Columbia, Canada

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    That’s a lovely letter. I know many people, myself included, who’ve been touched by your efforts.

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