Worth a shot…

Can anyone get me a deal on a hotel in Toronto?? 🙂

Will update soon, poor Gerry is sick as a dog and we all know that men need a lot of attention when they’re sick.

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  1. Mizz Monster says:

    what’s your price range? how about a b&b? (bbcanada.com) or do you just need a place to crash?

  2. vegan-e says:

    Know what you mean. My dh is sick too. Bad thing is, I’m trying (not) to come down with it myself.

    Maybe I’ll go roast myself some garlic. If it doesn’t keep the cold away maybe it’ll keep the vampires away. On the other hand, vampires could be fun….

    Hope Gerry is better soon

  3. mizz monster says:

    oh! and GET WELL GERRY!!! if its a chest cold, i know the one all too well :-S

  4. Jen says:

    Oooo – you’re coming to toronto?! Will Gerry be doing tattoos by any chance??? 😉

    Man, everyone seems sick! Hope Gerry gets better soon! And hope you don’t catch it! Michael is sick too (and he never gets sick). I am being attentive in the form of making him ginger tea and not sending him out to get me the Season 1 dvd of 90210. Haha!

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