Our last day in NYC

So on our last day in NYC we hit the subway and went to Kate’s Joint for breakfast. Gerry and I both had the French Toast. It was ok… I wasn’t impressed.

The best part of the breakfast was when I got to meet Lin and Sarah (who tried to come to the book signing at Moo Shoes but had car trouble) so as luck would have it… we bumped into each other and finally got to meet in person!! Look at those bags under my eyes… the lack of sleep and jet lag was starting to catch up to me. Then Gerry and I headed to The Sullivan Bakery and purchased 6 pieces of their Potato Pizza. Headed down to The Late Show to line up for tickets. It was hella cold but I managed to pull out my Fonzi Thumb for the photo. What a trooper I am.
Got our tickets and then headed back to the hotel for a wee nap and ate some pizza. OH MY GOD is it ever good. We ate it all before I got a chance to take a photo. *laugh*

There is a lot of lining up and waiting to get into the Letterman show. You have to line up to get your ticket. Then they sent us all over to The Roseland Theater to line up again to get our seats.Very cool bathrooms in The Roseland.The pre-show warm up is very weird. They get the crowd hyped up and excited by practicing laughing and clapping. We were told not to hoot or holler. Then they make you clap along to the music by telling you that if you’re energetic you will get a good seat.

By the time Paul Shaeffer and his band came out I felt like at trained monkey. I was clapping and laughing on cue at things that weren’t even funny… it was weird.

Dave ran out on stage a few minutes before the show and talked to the audience… that was pretty cool. I was in total shock at how SMALL the Ed Sullivan Theater is. It looks HUGE on tv, but in reality it’s a wee little stage and the theater only seats about 500 people. We were about 4 rows up from the front. It was pretty great watching it go on in front of me live…

Couldn’t get any shots in the theater (VERY STRICT) but I managed to get a shot as we walked out the exit. *laugh*Jim Carrey looked like he had Manorexia. He is WAY too skinny… but when I watched the show later on TV he didn’t look as skinny. I guess it’s true what they say about tv adding 10 lbs.

After the show Gerry and I headed to HanGawi Restaurant. This is probably my favourite place to eat in NYC. What a crazy food experience… I went there last year with The Moo Shoes Girls and was so enchanted that I just HAD to go back with Gerry.

We had The Emperor’s meal and I have no idea what I was eating… but every dish was incredible. You start with a porridge. Gerry had Pumpkin and I think I had Sweet Corn and Spinach. I need to figure out how they make this… I could eat this every day.
A noodle salad came after.
Then some kind of pancakes. I think this was a fried mushroom thingy.

A fried Tofu thingy. This was our main course.And the meal ended with a cinnamon ginger apple broth…
That place is perfection.

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  1. leigh says:

    hahaha “i have no idea what i am eating.”
    i hate waiting for those live shows. i went to see Last Call with Carson Daly and we waited soooo long.

  2. Linda says:

    K-town is the greatest! and I LOVE not knowing what I’m eating… that’s the best part about Korean food. Next time be sure to stop into Woorijip, it’s THE BEST and cheapest k-town deli.

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