What an awesome day …

… and it’s only half over.  🙂

We got on our bikes again today and rode thru Cook Street Village to Dallas Road so we could ride along the ocean into James Bay. I love that the park/ocean is only a 10 minute bike-ride from my house. The ride through the park was lovely …

Fixed gear geek

We stopped at The Breakwater but decided not to walk to the end of it … it is too sunny and hot today, we prefer to walk the length of it on cloudy drizzly days.  🙂

my backyard

The cruise-ships that dock here are INSANE! So huge.

Huge boat

We meandered through James Bay and then through downtown and landed at Hernandez‘s for Burritos. While I was waiting for my burrito to arrive I noticed this sign on the counter.

Wise Words

Wise words … and amazing burritos. You can’t beat that.  🙂

I think I’m going to putter on my deck and harvest some of my vegetables (the tomatoes I thought were done-for are thriving) and then a wee nap in the hammock AND I’m getting a massage later tonight. I think today is the best day off so far!

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