Chain chain chain …

Gerry has been riding his bike to work lately and it’s inspired me to get back onto mine. My bike is a 1930’s cruiser bike from Value Village and I haven’t  been on it ALL YEAR. What a shame…

in the park

The problem is that we have to store it in the basement of the condo (no room upstairs) and it hangs on a bike-hook that’s difficult for me to manage on my own because the bike is so heavy but the weather is so beautiful right now and it’s perfect bike riding weather … so I’ve managed to get on my bike 3 times this week and my ass is happy for the exercise.

bikes are fun

Yesterday we rode through our former neighborhood in Oak Bay (we’ve lived in 8 places in 15 years together) and down to the Chinese Cemetery to let Fergus run around on the beach.


The weather yesterday was PERFECT! Warm sun with a cool ocean breeze made riding around on bikes so much fun … look at that view!

what a day!

Then we headed to Cook Street Village for Ethiopian Food (not as good as Ethiopian House in Toronto) and to rest our legs.

food is good!

On the ride home I snapped a photo of my favourite tree … Every year the city perfectly grooms the trees but this ONE tree on my street they always under-cut and by the end of the season it is out of control in such an awesome way. It makes me laugh every time I walk by it.


What’s on the agenda for today? Well … it’s Monday … so … that means BURRITOS! 🙂

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    Yes bike riding is awesome. I want to get one of those little cart you pull behind for Bumblebee and the baby.

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