What a birthday …

10522863_719912474736585_1369040718_nI had an amazing birthday!

Gerry asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said “FLOAT!”

He took the day off of work and we spent the whole day together.

First we had a lazy morning and then we took Fergus for a nice walk from our house to Government House. We wandered around the grounds and spent some time in the beautiful rose garden.

We got home and dropped off Fergus. He was pooped out and didn’t mind when we left to go for lunch.  🙂

We had a lovely lunch at Be Love and then wandered over to FLOAT House to float for 90min in a sensory deprivation tank.

928293_297114037125083_1392387791_nI’ve never ever floated before and even though I had a little anxiety about being trapped in a pod for 90 minutes … I still wanted to try it.

FLOAT House is just up from China Town on Herald Street and when you walk inside it’s very zen. The pod is filled with salt water and it’s more buoyant then the Dead Sea.

You climb inside. Pull the lid down. Turn off the lights and float. Yikes!

It was pretty challenging. First you have to get used to the floating … You don’t have to support your body in any way … and that takes a little while to get used to. The pod is blacked out but you can turn the light on and off if you want. I kept the light on until I was comfortable … Honestly I spent the first 20 minutes trying not to freak out. Ha ha.

After I while I started to settle down and floated. I couldn’t tell you what I thought about but I had a lot of thoughts. I could also hear my bowels moving. It was crazy. I can’t wait to float again. I think the next time will be easier because it won’t be weird. I’ll know how everything works and how to relax my body and float.

All that silence was a little much for me and at this point I’m not ready for that much thinking. Music always helps me float away and so I’ll try it next time with some music.

I felt AMAZING after. Super relaxed. Heavy. You know that feeling you have after you get off a trampoline? Or after you take off your roller-skates. Like that.

924417_762111280478464_1924649365_nWhen we got home from floating I checked my store to see if I had sold anything during my birthday sale and holy shit … you guys went nuts.  🙂

I spent the next 3 days filling orders. Thank you so much for helping me get rid of my Sarah’s Place stock.

You guys are the best. Best. Birthday. Ever.


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