Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday!! This time last year I was so sick from chemo that I totally forgot about my birthday. How sad is that?  🙁

Because my treatment was so intensive – I also closed my boutique Sarah’s Place. It was a heartbreaking decision to close the store but I’m glad I did it. I packed everything up and put it into storage and focused on getting through my cancer treatment.

Well a year later – I made it through all my cancer treatment – and I am so grateful to be here to talk about it. 🙂

-1I’ve slowly been pulling items out of storage and putting them for sale in in the online store. My guest room is PACKED to the rafters with stock that we barely have room to move SO I’M HAVING A SALE!!

I’m turning 46 this year so to celebrate everything in the store is 46% off.

Just use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAYSARAH and your discount will be applied during checkout.

If you’ve ever daydreamed about buying a Bernie Dexter dress or buying a Herbivore shirt – All 46% off. You can make this birthday girl very happy by helping me reduce my stock. Visit the store HERE.

Thank you for your continued support.  🙂
Love you guys.



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8 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Tom says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats!!!

  2. Nanci says:

    Happy Birthday!! You are a true inspiration!

  3. Nancy Sherman says:

    Happy birthday Sarah! YOu are one amazing woman!

  4. Jen McLennan says:

    Happy birthday!!Same vintage as moi!!:))

    I came across the blog in a fit of insomnia desperately missing Van Isle vegan food.Yes.Food.I live in London (UK) and we are a true desert of really,really good fresh food…all the veg food here is like how West Coast BC did vegetarian in 1986.All beans, all indian,all heavy.There are a few places that are sort of getting there…but it all still comes off as heavy…and the British are not great at fusion…anyhow..enough moaning….

    I am from Vancouver originally however and did live in Victoria from 2005-2010…and I went through Ativan holy bloody hell as well,completely and utterly poorly treated by doctors who put me on it not really giving me the serious lo down of the drug other than it can be addictive…well I am no addict…never been into recreational drugs ever or looking to get high or lo etc…but I did not know the difference between addiction and what dependance was arising from clinical use.So I had no worries about their warnings on addictions as I was not remotely an addict.Anyhow,I felt I needed to go away on cleanse retreat in Thailand and decided on giving the Ativan the old one two…and Jesus….I thought I was going completely insane…losing it in total horror and isolation….anyhow, TG I had a stash to keep me stable until I got back to BC. The GP decided to just stop the prescription cold turkey after about 6 mg per day for 4 months.Anyhow I went through much the same as you…and it took about 2 months of the worst form of hell and multiple hospital admission worrying I was having a stroke, to figure out that the problem was that I needed to taper, not stop..I was in lethal withdrawal..Best to cross taper with an antidepressant to smooth out the effects I was told….it worked wonders and I was off…the AD was brilliant…but then they did not tell me the particular AD causes profound and rapid weight gain (60 lbs in 3 months-hello no self esteem)and almost a sudden thrust into diabetes, etc…and it was such an awful one to come off of, very few had success on 3 attempts, by the 4th usually people managed to do …through hell again…and back..as bad or worse as Ativan..Ativan never made me gain an ounce…anyhow…when I moved back to the UK I told my story to GP here and they were totally shocked how poor the care I got in BC was in terms of very slack protocol…here they were awesome..anyhow…I wont write a novel on your wall, but if you ever need to chat about the Ativan thing just email!!I can definately assure you the panic will go…anxiety will need a long term plan …but you will recover your moxy!It just takes a bit of time to reposition yourself…. The anxiety clinic at RJH is really good!!A lifesaver:))Buteyko breathing is also amazing for reigning in panic…My brain was also a manic hamster wheel of fear of dying…it became paralytic…but only for a short while….I got over it..Thank Goodness…Hang in there and have a much better year ahead!!XX

  5. Natalie (from Hip Baby) says:

    Happy birthday Sarah! I was just thinking about you today – didn’t realize it was your birthday. I saw the posters advertising Vegan Fest down in Green Cuisine, looking forward to seeing you there and saying hello.

    Take care!

  6. Happy Happy Happy birthday. How wonderful to be this far from those chemo days. I hope you put decades and decades between you and last year. ~Catherine

  7. kimwithak says:

    Happy belated Birthday!
    I just received a email from Chapters recommending your first book….I have had I before but need a new copy… Thought I’d look up more info and found your blog.
    So sad for you and all you are going through.
    I had cancer 10 years ago, chemo, radiation and tamoxophin.
    Tearing up thinking of your pain.
    I can’t wait to get some of the sleeves you found! Leopards print is awesome!
    Keep on making decisions that make sense for you.

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