Wet snow = wet pants

It was so warm and mild out today. The sun was shining and it was nice enough for some of this god awful snow to melt. This is the problem with snow in Victoria. It’s not a nice snow or fun snow. It’s not even a good looking snow. It’s slushy, super wet and just makes a mess. Thank goodness I had my rubber boots on today. Poor Gerry had wet feet the second we walked out the door.

We took a nice walk today into Cook St Village and took our lives into our hands with all the snow bombs falling from the trees. I got beaned a few times. Ouch.
Fergus is just happy that all the new snow that dumped last night made the sidewalks easy for him to walk on. The rock salt was really hurting his little feet and all the pet stores are sold out of dog socks. 🙁
I hear we have more snow coming … I moved away from Saskatchwan to get away from the snow. Yikes. Enough already.

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