The Office …

So my office/photo studio has been one of the last rooms in our condo to receive any TLC since we moved in. This room was originally the master bedroom and because I don’t have proper office storage it’s become a nightmare and not a place I enjoy working.

We’ve ordered some pax units from Ikea to make this side of the office a more functional space … but first thing we had to do was take down those mirrors.
Gerry thought we’d have to smash them … but as luck would have it using a crow bar removed them quite nicely and we only ended up breaking one. Although I was excited and ready to smash things with my hammer. The drywall took a bit of a beating from the double sided tape so we had to do a little fix-up before I paint the wall.
Stay tuned… 😉

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  1. EdaMommy says:

    Looks like really satisfying progress. ^_^

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