West Coast Tour

Hello my friends!
A quick update to let you know about my mini-west coast tour.

Nov 12th – SANTA CRUZ

I will be at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Be there or be square!! This is a free event. More details HERE.

Nov 14th – LOS ANGELES
Compassion Over Killing will be hosting a HIAV Book Bash & COK Benefit co-sponsored by Positive TV. Ticket price includes 2010 Go Vegan! Wall Calendar and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to COK. Online advance tickets and info available HERE.

Nov 16th – SPOKANE
Spokane Vegans are hosting a benefit dinner (w/me as guest). Tickets are limited so hurry and purchase them HERE.

sarah and ellenELLEN
Since I’m going to LA to do some promotion – I think I need to visit Ellen! She recently went vegan and I think we’d have fun together talking all things vegan. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean… we’re both sassy. We both have short hair. We both love to dance. We both prefer to wear flats over heels. We’re both lesbians … wait… I forgot. I’m not a lesbian but I have kissed a few girls in my day!!

We’ve (my publishers and I) have been in contact with Ellen‘s producers numerous times but to no avail (I think her show is almost as difficult to book as Oprah) so this is where you come in, my friends. If you would like to see me on The Ellen Show – please write them a quick note letting them know how much you’d like to see me on her show! You can write to them HERE.

Lastly, If you haven’t already picked up the new 10th anniversary edition of HIAV – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! It has 5 new recipes (all of them yum-tastic) and while you’re at the bookstore don’t forget to check out the 2010 Go Vegan Wall Calendar. I think it makes a perfect stocking stuffer (even if it won’t fit in the stocking).

I’m excited to get back on the road and come visit ya’ll. I’ve was at Bookshop Santa Cruz years ago to promote GOV and I’m so excited to visit again. I’ve never been to Spokane before and have only been to LA once (to see The Go-Go’s play) … so this little mini-tour is going to be full of new adventures and surprises.

As usual you can follow my travel exploits via my twitter – and I will try my best to update the blog as I move from city to city.

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  1. AKM says:

    I wrote to Ellen, doll! I sure hope we can all make this happen! You and Ellen together would be a hoot and a holler. 🙂

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