Well … I asked for it!

b3932c30c66111e291e622000a1f9d57_7Well… I asked for it! 🙂

I asked for you guys to help me reduce my store stock before I close the doors on Sarah’s Place on Saturday June 1st and you have extended your helping hand in the form of a crazy amount of online orders.

You guys RULE!! I can not ever explain how grateful I am for your orders, your love and support. 🙂

Today starts the last week of Sarah’s Place (the retail store) being open … and I am so sad about closing it’s doors but I know I made the right decision to put myself first and to be “self-full”.

One of my favourite parts of the store is all the visitors. I get to meet so many people from far and wide who come to town to visit me or who stumble on the shop by happenstance. However you find me … it’s always neat to find out more about you and talk about all things vegan. I’m going to miss that “in the room” daily interaction with you very much.

And to my regular customers … oh how I’ll miss you. Many of you have morphed from customers into friends and I am going to miss you “popping” by to see me but we do live in sleepy Victoria. I’m sure I’ll bump into you somewhere … : )

ff21749ac62511e2866922000a1fbcb1_7So … I have one more week of Sarah’s Place …after that we move all the remaining stock into my guest bedroom and I will keep the online store going as best I can.

I still have A LOT of stock left. I have a large quantity of BACON HAD A MOM kids shirts that I’d like to unload. —->

I also have a ton of books! I know I don’t have Amazon prices … but if you order a book I’ll throw in some extra treats for you. Stickers/buttons and maybe a love-note. 🙂

Ok Monday … let’s DO THIS!


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2 Responses to Well … I asked for it!

  1. Debbie says:

    Sarah hold onto a couple of your cookbooks for me please. Garden of Vegan & How it All Vegan…

    Since we will be there I will just pick them up at the Zoo..

    Big Hugs
    Deb & Len

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