Hit the pause button …

Here’s the latest news: We went to see the Oncologist at the BC Cancer Center. It’s what we thought … they want me to do chemo + radiation. Ugh.

The pathology doesn’t lie. It’s a numbers game. On my Mother’s side of the family there is ovarian and colon cancer. On my Dad’s side of the family there is fallopian cancer. Add a dash of Ashkenazi Jew and what all that means is that my genetics are bad and the scariest part was that my tumor was going for it. I mean really going for it … it had moved into my lymphatic system and was starting to sprout legs.

We got to it just in time…

Because of all these bad genes and that the recurrence rate for me is high – I’m doing chemo. One of my readers Denise left this comment about chemo and I thought it perfectly explained why we decided to move forward with chemo:

fb01c7a0b60511e2bee422000a9f14ea_7“Cancer is like a dandelion plant that has gone to seed. Through surgery, they remove the dandelion plant. However, it is unknown how many seeds have spread throughout the body as the wind blows it where it wills. Chemotherapy is like the weed killer.”

My chemo starts June 4th. I’ll lose all my hair 2-3 weeks after chemo starts so get ready for some instagram photos of that process. 🙂 Actually I’m going to cut it all off and donate as much of it as I can to a place in Ontario that makes wigs for kids.

But that’s not the big news. The big news is that I’m closing my store.

It’s been agony trying to decide what to do. I think I’ve cried more tears about closing my store then about all this cancer stuff but bottom line is I can’t manage it all.

This isn’t a decision I’ve come to lightly. I’ve had a lot of offers for help, for volunteers for fundraisers but here’s what it boils down to. I have 7+ months of chemo and 5 weeks radiation ahead of me and that takes me into 2014.

Sarah’s Place takes a lot of time and energy. There is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes that makes the store look effortless. I know it looks like I sit behind my desk and hang out with people all day… 🙂 but if you had any idea of the work I do when nobody is around you wouldn’t volunteer to help. It’s a LOT of work.

And chemo is not just a day of chemo then a few days of feeling crappy … It’s check-ups and blood-tests and bone scans and picking up prescriptions and in between all the medical stuff I want to try and have a normal life where I can have time to do things for my body that promote health and happiness as well as to relax and to have fun with my husband and Fergus.

I just can’t manage it all …

When I went to therapy the other night to talk about my anxiety over whether or not to close the store – my therapist said something that made a light go off for me. “Do you want to spend your limited amount of energy resources you’ll have during your chemo experience – running around taking care of your store? Or do you want to use that energy to take care of yourself?”

a0797b1ebc2411e2af9822000a1f9331_7Well … I choose me.

As much as I want this cancer story to be about how I triumphed over everything and showed the world how I can “do it all” despite the cancer … that’s not fair to me. It’s too much pressure.

I’ve spent so much of my life PUSHING things forward. Whether it be working on the cookbooks, the iphone app, doing websites for me or other people, helping my husband run his tattoo shop, running my own shop. I NEVER STOP WORKING. Like ever. Even when I’m on holiday I’m usually doing something work related.

I’ve worked at a frenzied pace like this for too many years and it’s time to stop … Cancer is my chance to press the pause button and just focus on one thing. Me.

June 1st will be Sarah’s Place (the retail store) last day open.
Please come shop at my store this week. Come buy my stock-up. The less stock I have to take home the better!! Either in person or online. I have many bills to pay and vendors to pay-out.

I will keep the online store going out of my house as best I can… If you live in Victoria use the code: FREESHIPPING and it will then be processed and taken down to Tattoo Zoo (1215 Wharf Street) for you to pick up. If you live outside of Victoria – please shop online and I’ll pack it up and Gerry will post it in the mail for you the next day.  🙂

I wish I had better news for you guys. It’s a big fucking bummer … but there are some bright spots:

#1. More time for Fergus photos on Instagram  🙂

#2. Self-care. I am taking care of myself. Putting myself first. Being “self-full” is a good thing. I am using this time to focus on my body and my mental health and I will be able to be strong, present and ready for the task at hand.

#3. I’m not dying. 🙂 This is preventative chemo – to make sure every last little cancer cell has been wiped out. I’m looking at it like a computer re-boot. We have to wipe my hard-drive of any trace of the virus so I can be re-started good as new.

#4. What a learning experience this store has been. And I’m already looking forward. Past the chemo. Already daydreaming about what’s after chemo. Whatever that is – I know it’s going to be amazing because of what I’ve learned  from running Sarah’s Place the last couple years… but saying good-bye to this store is going to be really hard. 🙁

281600_10150240299412536_3428059_n In July 2011 when I cut the ribbon and opened the doors to the public… I didn’t know what would happen. Would people come shop at this weird little boutique?

My nervousness quickly morphed into gratitude because as soon as I opened the doors – we were flooded with customers. I thought I’d get through my first year of business by the skin of my teeth but instead my store took off like a rocket and that’s because of you guys. 🙂

I can’t thank you all enough for your support. Sarah’s Place was an incredible success from the get-go because of your enthusiasm. I could not have done any of this without you.

I’m so proud of us. 🙂

I do also need to thank the staff at Market Square where my store is located. The people who run this complex are top-knotch and have been very supportive of me since the beginning. Big ups to them!!

So that’s the plan for now … I’m feeling bitter/sweet about having to close the retail store but knowing you’re all out there pulling for me makes me feel like I can do anything! 🙂

Love you guys.


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78 Responses to Hit the pause button …

  1. maria says:

    I’m sad that you’ve had to face so much difficulty and hard decisions, but glad that you’ve chosen to take care of yourself. You deserve it!

    Just please keep in touch via Twitter, here, etc (when you feel up to it/want to do it, that is).

    Not a religious or spiritual person, but I will be thinking about you often.

  2. leslie g. says:

    oh, how we love you! you are making the best decision ever. the choice is obvious and clear; choose YOU!!

    ride it out, be strong, and fight fight fight! we will all be here for you, in some way or another, cheering you on!

    we love you.

  3. Maria says:

    Oh man, what a hard choice, but I commend you for choosing yourself. Making your health a priority is something too few of us do. Powerful message! I hope your chemo treatment goes smoothly!

  4. Claudia says:

    Sounds like you’ve made a good decision. Take time for you. There’s no reason you can’t start a new venture down the road. xxoo

  5. I know how hard of a decision you’ve just taken and I say to you: CONGRATULATION for CHOSING your self!!! I had a Boutique for 5 years and just closed it on April 28th because, like you, I Had to chose my self after I had given SOO much to everybody and everything for years. You body, my body is taking let’s listen <3 …

    Big Big hug xo I'll be thinking about you and reading you


  6. susan holl says:

    my heart goes out to one of my favorite humans. i feel like I’ve come to know you through the cookbooks and I am thinking hopeful positive thoughts for you.

  7. Mookie Et Al says:

    Thanks for sharing such a personal issue. I’ve also had to shut down a store, albeit under less challenging circumstances. Keep daydreaming and I wish you all the strength, self-fullness and support from those close to you during this trying time!

  8. Jo Theodosopoulos says:

    Sarah, I’m so proud of you for this decision. It is always, ALWAYS best to take care of you first, and fuck the rest of the world. Sending many, many healing thoughts your way.

    Hugs and kisses,


  9. VJ says:

    Sweetie, take care of your self. It’s time to put yourself first. I’ll be praying for you. BIG hugs.

  10. kristine bechard says:

    You rock. Be well. xoxo

  11. Naomi says:

    Choosing YOU is the best and only choice. Good for you Sarah, it’s a difficult decision but I know this is the right one. You will be in my thoughts over the next months as you face these new challenges as you are now.

    All the best! xxoo

  12. Linda Brown says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this news, but I do understand. It’s always important to choose life!

    I’m glad that u will have an online store. I will still be ordering from you and I will love hearing your updates and seeing your photos of y’all!

    Much love to you and your family!

    Linda Brown

  13. Danielle P. says:

    Sarah, you’re simply amazing! You’ll be able to use all this time on yourself, which is exactly what you need.

    All the best for the tough months ahead. I look forward to finding out what you dream up in the future!

    Love you!

  14. Nicole K says:

    You have all my love & support. xoxoxo

  15. Karen says:

    Total support for your decision, YOU deserve all your time right now and it’s all going to be good :). We’ll be ready for you, when you are ready for whatever is next. Still sending healing (and self-full relaxing) thoughts to you.

  16. Michelle says:

    Although I’m sorry to here that the store is closing, I’m so glad to hear that you are going to concentrate on taking care of yourself. It’s a hard choice, but a good one! If you haven’t read Kris Carr’s book “Crazy Sexy Cancer” I highly recommend it. I read it while I was home recovering after my surgery (and later got to meet Kris) and found it to be humorously inspirational. Hugs and kisses to you (and Fergus).


  17. Ivy says:

    You’re so funny, Sarah: “Cancer is my chance …” Hah! Can always count on you to look at the bright side! You’re making the right decision 🙂

  18. Colleen says:

    I’m sad to hear the store is closing, and I’m really glad that I was able to get there last year on the one and only day I’ve ever been in Victoria, which just so happened to also be on Victoria Vegan Fest. I hope you are doing well, and do well in the future, as a world without you would be very sad indeed. You have always been one of my favorite people ever, ever since I got my copy of “How it All Vegan” about 10 years ago. I’m also really happy that I’ve got to meet you several times over the years, and you’ve always been just as lovely in person as I had imagined you would be. Please take care of yourself! Lots of love and hugs….

  19. Laura Bell says:

    Oh Sarah, your positive attitude is so inspiring. Congratulations on making such a big decision, it must be so tough.

    You have inspired and helped so many people since you’ve opened your shop and before that, I for one know you’ve made my vegan journey so much more fun and easy and you will continue to do so! You’ve racked up so many points helping people, it’s about time you focus on yourself for a while! 🙂

    Good luck for your treatments, we’ll be thinking of you a lot, we’re always sending lots of good and positive thoughts your way.


  20. Melissa says:

    Good luck!! I am a little sad as I have not had a chance to visit your store, living in Chicago, but have been trying to convince my boyfriend that a trip to Victoria would be swell. I am being selfish, though.

    I am SO happy for you that you are able to take your of yourself. It is so important to take care of YOU, because you have so much more love and knowledge to spread to everyone! Fergus will be happy to get all of those extra snuggles from you.


  21. Becci says:

    Sarah, you are awesome and brave and wonderful and have all of our support, ten-thousand percent.

  22. Sue says:

    Dear Sarah, I think you’re making the right choice by focusing your considerable energy and passion and intelligence on your own health and well-being. May the weedkillers do their job and wipe the hard-drive clean (to mangle the metaphors) so that you come out the other side of this process as strong and healthy as possible! Love and support and hugs to you from me, Sue @ Arsenal

  23. Sarah sorry to hear you are going through all this, but sounds like you have the right attitude and strength to be a ‘cancer thriver’, as kris carr calls herself (crazy sexy diet). it just occurred to me i should come get a tattoo from your husband, i would love to visit toronto this summer. wish i could make the store closing but thats too soon. i will definitely be following your adventure and sending love and encouraging courage.


  24. Rebecca says:

    I know it has been a tough choice but, you have to take care of you. Plus I am sure you will feel a bit of relief that you will not have to put so much effort into your store. Good luck and I am glad that you will be staying open via online. I will miss you.
    Take care and good luck.

  25. Lesli Baker says:

    I adore you Sarah! Thank you for all of the years of inspiration- and even the advice upon opening my own Vegan store here in Olympia- you are a huge part of me going vegan originally and a huge mentor to me wether you have known it or not. I lost both of my parents to cancer – my Mother found out at a point where radiation therapy or chemo was simply no longer an option. I believe you are doing the right thing and i admire you for it. So much love from Lesli at Oly Vegan xoxo

  26. Chloé Jo says:

    You are an inspiration – so strong and wonderful. You’ve changed many lives, human and animal, and I know that karma will come back to you in a speedy recovery.

  27. Ryan says:

    Sarah, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ll be closing your store, but I’m glad you’ll be taking the time for myself. Everything you’ve built is really an inspiration but it’s good you are working on getting better.

    Much love!

    • Ryan says:

      Sorry Ugh, stupid typo in my last message. I wrote “myself” instead of “yourself”

      Tried to delete and fix the typo but I can’t.

      Anyway, I know you will beat this and continue to be an inspiration!

  28. Evelyn says:


    You have made a really tough decision and am happy to hear that you will be focusing on you, your family and your health. Now go kick some cancer ass.

    <3 Evelyn

  29. Sarah says:

    To Sarah from another Sarah: You are awesome. And you’re gonna do great. And you’re gonna kick this thing’s butt, because you have got LOVE in your corner.

  30. Ryan says:

    Sarah, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ll be closing your store, but I’m glad you’ll be taking the time for yourself. Everything you’ve built is really an inspiration but it’s good you are working on getting better.

    Much love!

  31. Katrina says:

    You are so strong, and there is so much love and positivity coming your way from all over the world, which I truly hope you feel! I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say we sincerely mean all of it, and hope that our positivity continues to help strengthen you as you kick ass!

    Thanks for all you do, Sarah!

  32. Mike says:

    We don’t know each other.
    Ten years ago I went through my own cancer treatment. It was that, in part, which helped push me from a long standing status of vegetarian into a proper veg*n.
    The very first such cookbook I bought was one of yours.
    So, in a way, you played a part in my treatment.

    Ten years on, I wish you the very best in health for your treatment and recovery.

  33. Vee says:

    Wow, hard decision but glad you’re doing what’s best for you! Have loved your work for years and even more so seeing how positive and amazing you are! Love, a Fan in Vancity x

  34. We’re behind you 100%, Sarah, and glad you’re going to take care of yourself. We’ve been thinking of you a lot, and sending good energy and tons of positive thoughts your way. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration. <3s

  35. sally says:

    you’re doin the only right thing you could do!!!
    I’m following your story all the time and always want to write something positive and enlightening for you, but you all did it before. Because you have all the strength and positive attitude inside you! cancer doesn’t want to stay in such a place anyhow, so the chemo will show it the door forever! yeah!
    I just decided to minimize my photostudio and quit official bookings cause it burned me out. there is no shop, job or studio on this world worth it, to limit yourself. There is a time for everything. now is yours.
    and who knows what’s next after you kicked the rest of the cancer in it’s ugly butt? Maybe there’s another shop or another project… something you don’t think of yet.
    some things will lead us to other even better things!
    So I’m sending strength hugs from Germany,

  36. Deb says:

    Sarah- I wish u well on your journey. I too am struggling with some (skin) cancer issues. I am using natural remedies with success.. Please google ‘Cansema’ if u haven’t already. Eliminate sugar to starve cancer and please consider chemo carefully; I don’t agree with the dandelion metaphor. I send my good thoughts to u from the U.K. X

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  38. Joanne says:

    This news is a little hard to bear since we opened our shops in the same year…guess I’m a little sentimental about that. Kicking myself for never making it out to Victoria. Was really hoping to visit this summer 🙁 You’ve been a light in the vegan community since before there was a vegan community and we need you there for us for many more years. Thank you for taking good care of yourself. We’ll be cheering you on while you fully and completely kick cancer’s ass.

  39. Kerstin says:

    Good choice you made and who wouldn’t be happy about more Fergus pics on Instagram?

    I am sending you a huge bear hug and everything I want to say but can’t word in a shiny rainbow thought bubble.


  40. martina says:

    sarah, this is martina – i came to your store a lot last June when visiting BC from Ontario to wwoof (i bought a cow hugger t shirt, lots of twilight bars, and asked you for advice on finding a used bike!) I really appreciated that you took the time to search online with me for bikes, and just your general friendliness…not many people are so open to strangers these days (especially in retail!) I hope the goodness you offered me comes back to you as you go through the next few months.

  41. Kim L says:

    We all choose YOU too!!! <3

  42. Janice says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Take care of you! Speaking as a person who always needs to feel busy, I know it can be hard to give yourself permission to slow down but it’s so worth it for you to have this time to recover and heal and soak in all the love we all have for you. We are all here for you and will support you every step of the way!

  43. Paul Becker says:

    Wise choice Sarah, take good care of yourself.

    Thank you for keeping us informed during your trials.

    Good luck with the chemo and all the side effects involved. I went through a similar experience and survived, I’m sure you will do well.

    Vice President of the Sarah Kramer fan club, Oshawa division

  44. Tough decision, but in the end: The only decision. And a decision for now, not forever. Pulling for you, and going to shop online STAT! xoxo

  45. Linda Vetrecin says:

    You have to be your own advocate! Cheers for choosing YOU! And when you get through this, you will have other dreams to pursue and we will continue follow you through this journey, and back to health and into whatever happens next on your path!

    Love and light and healing energy Sarah!

  46. Jane Wiedlin says:

    I love you Sarah and I’m so proud of you! You are so strong, and such a fighter. It is your business to do what you want with your business. All your loyal customers (like ME!) will still be here long after the chemo is finished and gone.
    Now it’s time to spoil yourself, and let yourself be spoiled by others.
    S L O W D O W N a little, dollface!
    Big giant kiss,

  47. Holly says:

    You are awesome! You need some you time…take it and enjoy it! Thinking of you..

  48. Rebecca says:

    I just shed a tear. You will be back – bigger, better and badder than ever! Much love the whole vegan world is behind you, you are such an inspiration. Much, much crazy vegan love xxxx

  49. Laura says:

    Oh, Sarah… I’m so sad to hear this news! Both the closing of the store, and the chemo/radiation. It’s hard. Really hard. I spent three years taking my mom to doctors’ appointments and treatment appointments; she had small cell lung cancer…which spread to her brain. It’s almost two years now that she’s been gone, and it still hurts. Cancer really pisses me off, and it’s one of the reasons I finally went vegan. I started trying to convert my mom’s diet too, but unfortunately, too late.

    I know your cancer and subsequent treatment is not the same – I’m not trying to be all ‘doom-and-gloom’, but you will need the time to look after yourself, because chemo really kicks your ass. You’re strong and determined and that will make a huge deal of your recovery! I know you will get through this well, and I’ll be thinking good, kickass, vegan thoughts for you. I’m heading to the store right now to d a little shopping and I’m sending lots of love your way. Be well – you’ll get through this, and we’re all here rooting for you!

  50. Michele Rose says:

    I don’t know you, but saw your post thru Will Travel for Vegan Food. I am going thru the same thing – had lumpectomy, chemo, just finished 23 of 35 radiation treatments, the latter 2 also preventive like yours. I love your dandelion description.
    Not to tell you what to do, but I went to the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Chicago; among other things, they advocate a vegan diet and tons of supplements. I have never had this much energy in my life!
    Links: http://www.blockmd.com/
    http://www.blockmd.com/life_over_cancer – Dr. Block’s book.
    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery – show that cancer who’s boss!

  51. Lori Wheeler says:

    So sorry to hear the cutest store in Victoria (and probably all of Canada!!) is closing it’s doors 🙁 But for sure this is the best decision as you need time to heal and spend your energy on Gerry and Fergus for sure! We are so lucky to have you as part of our vegan community in Victoria <3 Will be into the store for sure this coming week 🙂

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  53. Lesley says:

    You have our support Sarah! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best in your recovery. Your health is the first priority.

  54. bea says:

    Hi Sarah, Such hard decisions for you 🙁
    You’ve made the right one for sure! Your store is and has been the perfect shopping experience! Ethical, beautiful, filled with charm. More important that it is and has been- not the number of years it stays open. I cherish my recent purchase.
    Please concentrate on getting better and as someone else has said- who knows what dreams will follow next- the shop might close but not the beauty that fuells the very heart of it!
    bea x0x

  55. Kendra says:

    You are such an inspiration and I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. You give so much of yourself to all of us, and I’m so glad to hear you’ve chosen YOU. Sending healing blasts of love and support your way from NYC.
    Much love,

  56. Lou says:

    Sarah, every time I read a blog post of yours, since you got the bad news but always before that also, you become a greater hero in my mind. Your soul is beautiful, your thought process inspiring, your grace humbling. Sending big hugs from Eastern Ontario…

  57. Madeline says:

    Your post made me cry, that deep kind of cry that sometimes happens when you witness something beautiful and human.

  58. MarlyW says:

    I trying to find words, Sarah, but I think you’ve said it best: “It’s a big fucking bummer, but there are some bright spots.”

    With my breast cancer diagnosis, I was off for a year. Treatment, recovery and healing are a full-time job, and I have great respect for your recognizing this in spite of your great love for the important work you do with vegan advocacy and making the world a better place for all living beings. It’s time to take all that loving karma and turn it towards yourself now. Drink it all in and send that cancer to the nearest black hole where it belongs.

    As a BRCA mutation carrier, I am familiar with the Ashkenazi concern. If you’re ever in need of related info, one of the best support links can be found at http://www.facingourrisk.org.

    Sending streams of healing energy your way, and so glad you have two superhero cheerleaders on your side; your darling hubby and Fergus.

    Now, go kick cancer’s ass! — Marly in Vancouver

  59. Cherie says:

    Having recently completed 6 months of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation – you can do this. It will be a blip in your life. And that is the key word here, your life. But you are very right, doctors, tests, pharmacy, and LOTS of sleep. Give in to it, you will come out the other end of this alive.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  60. Dear Sarah,

    I’m so sorry to hear of this health challenge, and while I completely understand having to close the store I can only imagine how hard it is after all the work you’ve put into it. Yikes!

    It was delightful to meet you last summer. I will continue to recommend your awesome app to my clients and students. I was going to send you a copy of my upcoming book that will be released this fall called “Real-Life Vegan” and if you still do want copies for the on-line store, let me know.

    Sarah, along with my years of practice as an RHN, (registered holistic nutritionist), I certified in a program that was developed by a naturopathic doctor and yoga teacher called “The Healthy Breast Program.” It’s a really helpful resource for women who are going through either allopathic treatment or naturopathic treatment, and for after treatment care as well. You likely have great resources there in Victoria, but if there is anything I can do to assist you, just be in touch. (info@victoria-laine.com) I provide the program over the phone or Skype.

    Also, I also recommend acupuncture while going through chemo. So many clients with cancer find the side effects minimized with regular acupuncture treatments.

    We’ll look forward to your posts when or if energy allows. Take good care. Warm hugs, Victoria

  61. Cindy Neal says:

    Sarah, i am so sorry about the hardships you have to face
    God Bless you! I just wanted to say Thank You for helping me become the very happy vegan i am today. Your cook books are my favorite and i will cherish them forever
    Your store will b missed. Please keep us posted and again im so sorry that Cancer has yet again struck another one of the Good people.
    Thank you for all you do for others!!
    Cindy Neal

  62. Joseph says:

    Sarah, no one has done more to help me into a vegan lifestyle, and to keep me there, than you. As a result, I have brought my partner and many others into this incredible way of living. You are awesome, wonderful, beautiful, and a great soul. Thinking of you as you walk this difficult path, and sending you positive energy. As an oncology nurse, I second Victoria’s excellent suggesting to amend your treatment with accupuncture. For many people, it can be quite helpful for chemotherapy-related nausea.

    And any child would be stylin’, to be wearing your hair! Hugs!

  63. Terry says:

    Good call. And also correct media playback metaphor — “pause” not “stop.” We adoring customers/friends/acolytes will be eagerly awaiting your victorious return. All you’ll have to do is press “play” and we’ll start up again!

  64. Eve Perreault says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I met you over a year ago while I was participating in a Canada World Youth exchange, at the time I knew very little about veganism but you’re one of my biggest inspirations to become a vegan (I became a vegan almost a year ago) . You made it sound so easy and fun. I loved coming to visit you with my Ukrainian friend and I remember we took a picture with you on one of our last days in Victoria (which I never got to see, I think my friend may have accidently deleted it which makes me really sad ;(.) You’re one of the reasons I enjoyed Victoria so much during my three months in Western Canada and I hope very dearly that I’ll get to meet you again once I move to Victoria less than a year from now.
    You are a very inspiring person and I miss being able to drop by to say hi and pet fergus for a while, I wish you all the best and I will think about you and send you positive thoughts for the next few months
    I send you a ton of hugs from across Canada 🙂
    xoxo Eve
    P.S. My mum keeps earing about you from me (she can’t read English) and she thinks you’re awesome 🙂

  65. antonella pellegrino says:

    Sarah, girl, you’ve got this!!!You are doing what you have to do to take care of you. Forgive the quote (but I teach in elementary school)…..
    “Promise me, you’ll always remember…You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know”
    -Milne(Christopher Robin to Pooh)

  66. Kate says:

    Since I only just moved to Vancouver, I haven’t yet had a chance to visit the beautiful store, but have ordered online several times.
    I can’t imagine how difficult this decision must have been, and as bummed as I am that I may never get to see the store, it is so important to do what is right for you.
    My girlfriend and I will be sending you much love, and will continue to support you by purchasing as much as we can from your online store.
    You are beautiful and such an inspiration to many.
    Best of luck and love

  67. Kayla Cheeke says:

    Thanks so much for having the store Sarah! All the best to you!

  68. We’re all behind you and supporting you, Sarah! Whenever the store opens, I look forward to placing an order. But not until you’re good and ready. We all want you to be well, and I’m sending positive thoughts throughout the treatment and healing process! <3

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