Started watching the first season of Weeds last night.

Have you seen this show? So darkly funny and hilariously sad all at the same time. I love watching TV shows on DVD. No commercials and we watched 8 episodes in a row last night. *laugh* That’s right. I said 8!

Mary-Louise Parker
and Elizabeth Perkins (who I used to confuse as the same person when I was a kid) have amazing chemistry when they’re on screen together.

My new tv crush Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plays another dead guy *laugh* Poor guy is going to get typecasted as dead guys… His few short moments in screen make me LOVE him even more. He’s perfect casting as the dead father because he’s one of those actors you fall in love with right away and wish they had more screen time, so you really feel for the family as they mourn his passing.

I totally related to the weird 8 year old kid who the school labels as a weirdo because his Dad died. I became the freak of the school when my Mum passed away… There is a scene with the kid and Elizabeth Perkins that was so real and raw for me I started to weep a little and then I laughed my ass off. Gotta love a show that can make you do that.

HEY! I’m not giving away any secrets here. I promise. It’s all there for you in the pilot episode.

So what are you doing tonight? Are you going to rent Weeds?? 🙂

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  1. thinking_insane says:

    is it a good story?!?!

  2. jromer says:

    going to netflix.com as we speak…

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