Important message from Greg Bennick

Got a note from my friend Greg today… thought you would want to read about it. For those of you not in Portland you can still be involved by visiting and supporting The Shac 7.

On a personal note, Greg’s movie Flight from Death was one of the most thought provoking and fascinating movies I’ve seen in a long time. You can purchase the DVD on their website or maybe ask your local independent video store to carry the movie so you can rent it.

Tonight…Saturday the 19th, in Portland Oregon…a screening of the film “Flight From Death”, to benefit the SHAC 7. Question and answer session with me to follow the film along with a band playing as well. Should be cool.

People always ask, when it comes to political issues and events, why they should care? I am tired of that question. Its boring and makes me want to eat glass. So instead, I will answer the far less popular question “Why should i NOT care about the SHAC 7?”

You should NOT care about the SHAC 7 if you…

1. …hate freedom of speech. Do you often feel the need to punch people for saying things like “I don’t like thai food”, or “Snakes on a Plane was rad”? If so, then you should NOT come to this event.

2. …think that government oppression of activists and open minded individuals is funny. Did you sit during the WTO, watching people get pummeled by cops and laugh like you were watching Arrested Development season 2 on DVD? If so, then you should NOT come to this event.

3. …believe that animal torture for no reason is cool. Do you have a pet? Do you often throw it into traffic or sign it up to be an Al Qaeda suicide bomber? If so, then you should NOT come to this event.

4. …like it when the criminal justice system fucks up beyond belief? For example, if you think Michael Jackson was innocent, you should NOT come to this event. I don’t care how much you like “Beat It” or moonwalking, Michael Jackson needs to be impaled on a spike. Twice.

All that said, come to the screening event tonight. The SHAC 7 get sentenced in New Jersey next month on the 12th, and this is a case which affects us all.

Write me if you have questions…


What: “Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality” Screening and
Fractal Pattern (Canada)
When: Saturday, August 19th, 8pm
Where: The Artistery, 4315 SE Division, Portland OR
Cost: $6 (proceeds to benefit the SHAC7 legal appeals fund)


Hailed by some viewers as a “life-transformational film,” Flight from
Death uncovers fear of death as a possible root cause of much of our
everyday behaviors. Through stunning visuals and insightful
interviews, this multiple award-winning film (‘Best Feature’ NW Film
Forum; ‘Audience Award for Best Documentary’ 2004 Malibu Film
Festival; ‘Audience Award for Best Documentary’ 2004 Northern Lights
Documentary Film Festival; ‘Grand Prize: Best Documentary’ 2004 Rhode
Island International Film Festival; ‘Best Documentary’ 2003 Silver
Lake Film Festival; ‘Best Documentary’ 2003 Ohio Independent Film
Festival; and ‘Audience Award for Best Documentary’ 2003 Beverly
Hills Film Festival) explores human beings’ innate and subconscious
fear of death and portrays the impacts of that fear on our behavior,
specifically in regard to violence.

Woody Allen once said, “I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to
be there when it happens.” This probing film explores the myriad ways
human beings have devised to do just that. A culmination of many
years of research and shooting in locations such as Egypt, Israel,
Guyana, Mexico, Greece, and China, Flight from Death provides a
definitive study of the ultimate question that each one of us must
face. Guided by the narration of Gabriel Byrne, this film poses the
big questions to an all-star cast of scholars, authors, philosophers,
and researchers. In the end, this film provides the most
comprehensive and mind-blowing investigation of humankind’s
relationship with death ever captured on video.

In addition to the film, co-producer Greg Bennick will be on hand for
a question and answer period.

Also, Fractal Pattern (Alberta, Canada) will be performing after the
“Fractal Pattern strives for artistic honesty and integrity both in
live performance and in the recording studio. The band has played
with bands on many ends of the musical spectrum from indie-supergroup
Weakerthans to technical metalcore band The End and the ecclectic
Aussies Clann Zu, never turning their nose on a chance to rock. The
band are highly devoted to their local music scene as well and have
worked with Black Dot Productions to put together Gigs in Weird
Places, a series of shows showcasing local talent in unconventional
venues such as the Edmonton Public Library and the Catalyst Theatre.
In addition, the band is involved with various political causes and
remains devoted to the dissemination of information valuing animal
and human rights.”

All proceeds from the event will go to the SHAC7 appeals fund. for more details.

For further event information, please contact the event’s sponsor
Food Fight Grocery,

Flight from Death:
Fractal Pattern:

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  1. Karen says:

    Greg’s film sounds very interesting and Fractal Pattern is from EDMONTON!!!!!! If I was in Portland, I’d be first in line with money in hand.

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