Vegan TV question

What would your perfect vegan TV show be like?

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  1. naughtysway says:

    vegan iron chef might be enough for me to find a way to get cable… *nudge nudge 😉 ;)*

  2. Esther says:

    Cooking shows of foods vegans still crave after making the switch. Also, featuring different cities and the good restaurants to go to in them. I would LOVE.

  3. Sandra says:

    A nice mix of simple easy to prepare recipes, and more fancy ones. Foods for “on the road,” “the perfect picnic,” “family dinner,” “romantic dinner,” “making meals to satisfy the non-vegan.” Once in a while devote a show to people with food/allergy issues, gluten free, wheat free, etc..

  4. Nicki says:

    I would love a show that not only talked about cooking/baking vegan dishes but also focused on the lifestyle and aspects there of. Not just a cooking show. I think that would be pretty rad.

  5. SaraEng says:

    Um, it’s TV, I’m not gonna eat it or wear it. But then again, I’m not one of those vegans whose entire identity hinges on my veganism, so I don’t think it matters!

  6. VeganBabette says:

    A nice mix of recipes, new products, vegan people (either famous or not), health advices, etc. That would be great.

  7. Carrie says:

    Vegans out and about as well as in the kitchen from all corners of the globe. Presented by yours truly obviously… 😉

  8. Loveles says:

    OK how about some sort of vegan sit-com. Single vegans looking for vegan love, or a vegan family coping with school bbq fundraisers, birthday parties, and pizza day. Staring very cool, healthy looking, attractive vegans wearing fashionable clothes and living great lives…not another hippie steriotype!!!

  9. Knit-Picky Veganista says:

    I’ve had thought of a Vegan Cooking show on a local access channel…, and every week, aside from the scrumptious creatively original vegan dish or dessert made for the viewers, my weekly wise and wonderful guest visitor would be the oldest living steer on Planet Earth. He would expound on the ways of Veganism in factual and comedic ways. We’d have way good fun with this show!

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