The season is starting to change here in Victoria. The fall flowers are starting to fade, the air is a little crisper at night and the rain clouds are starting to move in …


… I’m sad to see summer slowly dissolve into fall  but I am stoked that Oct brings with it Dog Beach!! During the summer months dogs are forbidden from visiting my favourite beach so humans can layout on their towels and contract skin cancer. Don’t they know that pale is the new tan?

It’s probably a good thing. Fergus tends to pee on people/children/blankets/balls/toys when they’re laying on the ground.

Pinch-Punch the first of the month brought us a nice gray drizzly day and I was excited to pull out my sweater and rubber boots and hit the beach.

Beach Dog

Fergus started to quiver when I turned the corner that takes us to the beach and after 3 months of being sequestered – he lost his mind when his paws hit the sand. Jumping. Barking. Digging. Sniffing. Lots of peeing. Chasing crows. Barking at seagulls. Boy-Howdy. It was a glorious day. Nothing makes me happier than a happy dog.

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  1. Nicki says:

    I love October, but I was saddened today when I had to take my dying plants out of their pots on my porch and put them in my compost bin 🙁 At least they will be fertilizing next years’ crop!

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