Vegan Freak

This weeks Vegan Freak podcast is probably one of the best yet. I encourage all of you to listen to it and then take a look at your eating habits and make some healthy changes. 🙂

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  1. Sith says:

    Of all the times my sound card could choose to expire…

  2. paisley says:

    That was so informative. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog. I took tons of notes, and learned so much. Vesanto made it seem so easy to eat healthy. I must admit I am not eating as well as I should and that was a real eye opener as to what I need to do. Thanks again.

  3. Enny says:

    I think I’m gonna get some tests done when I get back from O/S – I was tested for diabetes years ago and was fine but I’ve started getting shaky and sweaty a few hours after eating… I was planning to eat well after Easter, so now is as good a time as any!

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