Rasterbating Fergus…

Went to Rasterbator and printed out Fergus.

I’ve been wanting to hang something above our bed since we moved in here but I’m so scared we’re gonna be in an earthquake and whatever I hang above us will kill us… so I made a Fergus poster. All this thing can do is smother us in doggie goodness.

Mind the mess… I’m spring cleaning.

I forgot to tell you that my Fergus photo made the cover of VIP pet magazine!! Not sure why the fish won out for the big photo over my Fergus… but at least he’s on the cover!! 🙂

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0 Responses to Rasterbating Fergus…

  1. Drasch23 says:

    I love the pic of Fergus above your bed….

  2. KleoPatra says:

    Love all the shots of Fergus put together. SO COOL!!

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