Veg News awards

Whoops… put the wrong link for the Veggie Awards.

I’m up for Favourite Cookbook Author over at the Veg News awards. I sure would love your vote!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I voted for you, Sarah! Good luck to the coolest tattooed vegan ever.
    -Another tattooed Lady, Btown, Indiana

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bin der Dun dat!

  3. paisley says:

    I just went to the site and voted, and yes I voted for you. I Hope you win!

  4. papa herman says:

    good luck!

  5. KleoPatra says:

    YAY! Go Sarah!!!

  6. Ariane says:

    Consider yourself voted for–cause you ARE my favorite!

    ps. I am totally jealous of your washer and dryer.

  7. Sherry says:

    I voted! Good Luck!

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