So many boxes …

Geez Louise.
Things are starting to shape up but there is still SO MANY MORE BOXES!! I never want to see a cardboard box again.

The office does not look like an office right now. I gotta get this room in shape because my niece is coming for a visit in a few days and then after she leaves our friends The Germans are coming to live with us for a month. Eeeep! There are just not enough hours in the day!!

Fergus is so sick of me unpacking… can you find him? Set up the dining room table today… ahhhhh… now I just need to find a great hanging light.
I’m so happy to pull out my vintage tri-light from storage. Our last place the ceilings were too high for my lamp. Weee!Kitchen is the catch-all room right now… man it’s ugly.
The best part of the house is the laundry area. Gerry’s parents VERY KINDLY purchased us a new washer/dryer set. God it’s so beautiful. We sat on the floor and watched it as it did it’s first cycle.
Off to tackle the office… if you don’t hear from me in a few days – send Lassie!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it’s coming along! I’m sharing in the excitement now because I just bought my first apartment and am moving in around the end of August- it looks similar to yours, in fact! I had a hard time finding one that would take both my teeny dogs, but we were successful in the end. I totally look forward to customizing it the way I’ve watched you do yours! Hope fergus comes out from under the bed soon!


  2. paisley says:

    The wood floors look awesome The house looks beautiful. And I love your kitchen table. Are you going to do tile in the kitchen?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have that same washer and dryer. OMG it’s AWESOME! I just sit and watch it sometimes, too, and my hubby has to pull me away before I get swirls for eyes……..congrats on all the new-ness! SO exciting!

  4. KleoPatra says:

    Poor Fergus, hiding under the bed!!

    Glad we didn’t have to get Lassie on the scene on the double to find you…

  5. Nat says:

    I am SO jealous of your washer and dryer… and your kitchen table… and your new apartment. 🙂 Everything looks great!

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