I went to Vancouver last weekend! What a fun time I had … Normally Gerry can’t come with me to events because he has to work but luckily the Animal Advocacy Camp was on a Sunday so he and Fergus could come! Yay!!

We stayed at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. Not because we like to gamble … or even because we like the area of town but only because we like their beds. OH MY DOG! I’ve stayed at RRC three times now and their beds are spectacular!!

So comfy that Gerry slept in till 9:40am. Gerry never sleeps in …

The hotel actually sells their beds … I’m thinking it might be time for a new mattress!! 🙂

Even Fergus had a hard time getting out of bed because it’s so comfy…

I arrived at the event a little later then I wanted to because I had to track down a Kinko’s so I could re-print my cards for the game-show. I had a printer issue back at home and I thought it would be easy to find a photo copy store open on a Sunday … nope.

By the time I arrived – the Camp was in full swing.

Animal Advocacy Camp was a attendee-led event, where the attendees got to set the agenda and host discussions about whatever they wanted to talk about. It was really cool to witness. Yay vegans!! 🙂
I decided my presentation should be my game show Canada’s Next Top Vegan. I thought it would be a fun/silly way for everyone to end the day and let off some steam by laughing.

The game show has skill testing questions and of course a game show wouldn’t be complete without Physical Feats of Vegan Strength.  🙂 One of the feats is to grate 2x carrots using a dollar store vegetable peeler (they are so terrible) while wearing oven mitts! Oh my dog. It’s hysterical!

I of course forgot to keep track of who was winning … so I asked the audience to help me decide.

Everyone wins at Canada’s Next Top Vegan!! 🙂

These luck-ducks won a GIANT gift basket thanks to Vega. I can’t thank them enough for donating gift baskets as well as treats for everyone in the audience. I also need to thank my publishers Arsenal Pulp Press for donating books to give-away as prizes. They rock!!

After the game-show I opened up the floor to questions and I chatted with the crowd for a long long time. Everyone had such interesting questions and when I didn’t have an answer there was always someone in the crowd with a thoughtful answer.

After the event was over I got to have some one-on-one time with the crowd. I get to meet so many cool people because of my job. I’m so lucky! 🙂

We couldn’t stick around for long because we had to run to Abbotsford to visit Gerry’s parents.

Fergus love Grandpa …

On the way we saw this sign in a mini-mall…

Isn’t it crazy? I mean … from a pop-culture perspective I would say that the word vegan wasn’t part of the zeitgeist 10 years ago. Shit. Maybe not even 4-5 years ago. And now it’s being used to promote a meat-eating restaurant. I think it’s hilarious … “someone” is running scared.  🙂

Before we headed home – we met up with my Dad for Dosa’s at Chutney Villa.

I can’t believe … #1. The size of this Dosa. and #2. that I didn’t get a photo of me with my Dad because I was so obsessed by the size of my Dosa. *laugh*

We had a lot of fun in Vancouver but all the excitement wore us out … Fergus in particular.

It’s good to be home.

Big THANKS to Animal Advocacy Camp for inviting me. I hope I can come back next year …


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  1. Becci says:

    It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to have you there, Sarah!!

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