No Fur!!

My friend Dave was in the store today visiting … and while we were chatting a woman walked in wearing a real fur scarf. 🙁

I was so dumbfounded by what she was wearing (do people really still wear fur?) that I was rendered speechless. Unsure what to say … I let her continue to shop while I tried to think of what I could say. She left before I got the chance…

I have a No/Fur sticker on my window and it’s clearly marked that my store is a Vegan Boutique but I think a lot of people see all the cute dresses in the window and come in because of that. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted when I opened the store… So I could educate, motivate and inspire people who are curious about a vegan lifestyle.

I don’t know why I was so flummoxed by the fur scarf … but I was. So I asked my friends on Facebook what they thought I should have said to her (besides YOU ARE WEARING A DEAD ANIMAL AROUND YOUR NECK!! GET OUT OF MY STORE!) and Melissa Fowler had a great way to approach her

You could tell her that you appreciate her coming in and hand her an anti-fur pamphlet. You could then tell her that you would prefer to not have fur in your store but that she is welcome back anytime, without it.

…Beautifully said Melissa.

Speaking of fur … have you seen this movie? It’s so well done.

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