My weekend away with Gerry was so much fun. We left everything behind (including our computer and our beloved Fergus) and pretended to be tourists.

This is Gerry pretending to wave at boats as we pass by. Tourists are always doing this for some reason…
I’m posing with a nice nature background. Tourists always do this too… Tourists are funny!
Once on the mainland we boogied to downtown Vancouver. The clouds were out when we got there but…
I don’t mind. I like to stay out of the sun. Pale is the new tan anyway…
We got to The YWCA Hotel and settled in. If you’re ever staying in downtown Vancouver and are looking for a nice, clean place to stay. This is it. The price is right. It’s close to all things downtown and the price is right. Did I say the price is right?? Oh yeah. And it’s clean!!
The only downside of staying there is they don’t have a lot of parking. I forgot to reserve a spot… but the woman at the front desk found out we had a smartcar and she let us park by the trash compactor. Thank you smartcar!!
My parents picked us up and we went for an amazing dinner at Saravanaa Bhavan! If you get a chance to hit one of these … do it! The food was YUM! A lot of the dishes are vegan friendly (be sure to talk to your server about it so you can avoid Ghee) and wear your “eating pants” because you are going to walk out of there full to the brim!

This is the only photo I took because I was so busy filling my mouth with food. Oh god… it was so good.
Then we hit The Big Top Tent for CIRQUE ! The show (of course) was amazing from start to finish. My favourite part was with the balloons. Don’t watch this if you are going to the show… it will spoil the magic.

The next day Gerry and I woke up early and hit the art gallery for this show. It was pretty cool …
The rest of the day was spent wandering around. Wow. I’m short…
My feet HURT by the end of the day … So we stopped and watched the sunset in Stanely Park and posed in front of The Lions Gate Bridge. There were so many tourists doing the same thing we had to join in the fun.
It was a wonderful weekend. I got to spend some time with my parents (I love you guys) hangout with my favourite husband (I love you Gerry) and get away (for just a few days) from all the responsibilities of home.

By the time we got back onto the ferry I was knackered.
We picked up Fergus from Wendy & Rob’s (Thanks you guys) and I felt like I had been away from home for weeks. Wow. Was I ever happy to be home and be covered in dog spit (I missed you Fergus).

I forgot to mention. I had a quick meeting wit
h my publishers (all play and no work makes Sarah crazy) and we have decided to do a WALL CALENDAR!! To have it ready for 2010 we have to start working on it now!!

Anything you like or don’t like about calendars? I would love to hear what you look for in a calendar!

OK!! I’m off to do more work! Toodles!

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11 Responses to Vancouver!!

  1. leftofemma says:

    Calendar? Sweet!

    I love calenders with facts, tips, or trivia on them. Things like important, relevant dates or historical facts. I think that your list of things to do with vinegar might be good. Stuff like that.

    My two cents.

  2. E.K. Wimmer says:

    fake holidays on calenders.

  3. Paul Nis says:

    Surprise surprise, Vancouver with unpredictable weather.

    Glad you enjoyed t he visit though.

  4. angelacf says:

    I like calendars with stickers & really big squares for writing all my important to do stuff – plus recipes & cool pics

  5. Hollyl says:

    I like wall calendars with a photo for every day! Like Lonely Planet used to do. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble coming up with 365 awesome photos 😉

  6. Miranda says:

    looks like you found a hat similar to sex and the city?looks really cute on you!

    oh and thanks for that hotel link. it will be PERFECT the next time the band heads over there. 5 single beds in a room!!

  7. Ashley says:

    I love stickers! and in 2010 my birthday is on mothers day so…. you could always re-name it as Ashley day… by then I’ll be a mother so it really makes a lot of sense ; )

  8. vegannikki says:

    Wow it sounds like u guys had an awesome time on ur little get away! I think I need to have on too. I also love calendars have big enough blocks to write things in and I love the retro look b/c my kitchen is a retro coca cola diner style and I hang my calendar up in the kitchen so I like it to kinda go with the flow.

  9. sammy_joe says:

    It might be a fun idea to list produce and ingredients as they come into season, and how they can be preserved. (For example, buying pumpkin in the fall- can you freeze chunks it for soup later?)

  10. Kitty Cat Bandit says:

    Maybe a vegan recipe-a-day calendar? Or recipe-a-week? With photos, obviously. What a great idea!! Now I want to make a vegan food/recipe calendar.

  11. afra michael. says:

    LOVE that hat.

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