Thank you for all your soy sauce alternatives. Unfortunately I can’t have any sugar (including molasses) or Miso. Le Sigh.

The Uno Festival is using my photos in their ad campaign!! WOO HOO! If you live on Vancouver Island you should check out the festival and for that matter all the shows that The Intrepid Theater does. The lovely Champagne Sparkles was my model for this job.

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  1. Laura says:

    re soy sauce alternatives– do you guys do worcester sauce in fair Canadia? It is a tasty sauce traditionally made with anchovies but here in England you can get a vegan version which cotains neither soy nor sugar (although it is sweetened with apple juice). It is not exactly a soy sauce sub, but in many contexts it can perform the same way. The one we buy is ‘Life’, by MH Foods. It is made in England so I don’t know how available it might be to you. Anyhoo– just a thought!

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