So Gerry and I were in the hardware store today buying some supplies to do some lighting renos in the kitchen when I stumbled upon these leather work gloves. The font was what caught my eye because it’s so Jew-y… and then I took a closer look. Ummm… I think this might be offensive. Thoughts?
Secondly we’ve been talking all week about whether or not we could run the dishwasher without having our sink installed. I was worried that the water would overflow everywhere when it drained but then Gerry surmised that the water doesn’t come up into the sink when we do the dishwasher… so … we tried it AND IT WORKED!! No overflow. YAY! No more dishes in the bathroom sink!! I just wish we had tried this out sooner. Let me tell you… there is nothing more terrifying then wondering if water is going to gush up and out of the pipes.

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