What is a girl to do when she has dinner party plans but no kitchen sink?? Buy everything in plastic… that’s right. I bought our entire dinner in plastic containers.All we did was nosh. Veggie sushi, Amy’s Frozen Pizza, hummus, olives, chips and salsa, veggie platter. All pre-made … no dishes!! Only recycling!!
Gerry hates being in the blog, can you tell? That’s the famous Auntie Bonnie in the background. That’s right… THE Auntie Bonnie from the cookbooks. Oi! What I would do for those cheekbones…

Thanks for the fun night family!!

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  1. ~ Cee ~ says:

    My husband and I ordered a couch from IKEA, and the first time I sat on it, it broke in the center. I heard a loud pop and the board and spring in the middle had completely snapped. Being by no means overweight, I thought this was unusual, and called to return it — it took weeks and tons of calls by the both of us to get our refund even after they’d picked up the couch. Hope that all works out!! Cee

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