Ugh… my kitchen.

So the ceiling in the kitchen is hilarious. We tore down that false ceiling and was going to replace the lights with something simple … only to find that the f**ktards who put in the lighting CUT the drywall to make room for the lights. Totally unnecessary and put crazy scary wires everywhere. They did such a bad job… and now we’re going to have to dry-wall the ceiling. Ugh. For now … we ignore. Ignoring the ceiling, I finally have everything put away and all my boxes unpacked… I now have to tackle the f-ugly.

Eventually I want to rip out EVERYTHING and put in an entirely new footprint. This kitchen is big and has lots of cupboards but the stove is waaaaay across on the other side of the room from where I prep and it’s frustrating. Eventually I’d like to gut it and build my dream kitchen… but I’ll have to sell a few more cookbooks before that can happen so in the mean time I need to just do what I can with paint. 🙂

First… the cupboards. Ugly. I bought new handles (sleek polished silver and modern) but what color should I paint?
The thing to remember is we have this terrible tile to contend with. Can you paint over tile?? This terrible countertop color…
and this terrible floor… (yes I know my toes are long… shut it).
So here’s the left side of the kitchen… (excuse the mess).
Here’s the right side of the kitchen… What freaking colors should I paint?? Ugh… so overwhelming. Any thoughts?

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