kitchen update

Gerry and I talked about it last night and we have enough in our budget to re-do the counters … and the floor. I didn’t want to do either until we decided how we were going to change the footprint… but I figured out a way to do the floors and counters on the cheap so that when we do reno in a year or two it won’t kill me to rip it out.

SO… that totally changes what I should do for paint. I’m either going with the Charcoal boomerang or the Coral Boomerang for the counter.

I have these great fiberglass orange chairs that I want to use as kitchen chairs … so I think either color will work. We also have left-over gray and white floor tiles from The Zoo … so I’ll put those in as well.

Hmmmmm… off to the hardware store to get some inspiration!

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  1. jenny says:

    I like the boomerang, I think new counters will make all the difference in the world!!

  2. Anastasia says:

    I used to have the coral boomerangs in my kitchen growing up. They were awkward and it took forever to sell that house and the coral boomerangs were mostly to blame. The charcoal would be more flexible with other options.

  3. Carol says:

    I’d lead towards the charcoal as well because then, the bright chairs and other coloured accents will really pop.
    Plus, if the coral boomerang didn’t quite match the chairs it would drive me crazy…but that’s just me!

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