Trip to Van …

I took a trip to Vancouver last weekend for a couple of meetings. I had planned on zipping over on the ferry and zipping back but I ended up having so much fun hanging out with my parents that I spent 2 nights.

Spending the night at my parents is always fun because there is this painting that hangs in the guest room to watch over me as I sleep…

And a fabulous bowl of oatmeal waiting for me in the morning. Yum!! 🙂

We decided to go to the East Van Farmers Market to pick up some supplies for dinner and we walked through Trout Lake park.

I’ve been to Vancouver 1000X and I had NO IDEA that Trout Lake existed. Fergus would go nuts-o here.  🙂

We wandered through the stalls

and I tried my best not to spend too much $$ but ended up with a cloth bag full of apple chips, garlic scapes and a jar of OLIVE JAM!

Review of the olive jam: It was meh. It was minced olives mixed with apple jelly, salt and rosemary and I was expecting it to taste “olivey” but instead it tasted like apple jelly that had a weird texture. I was disappointed … 🙁

The market has some beautiful food …

We then hit up a travel store (sorry I’m not sure where it was) and my parents went looking for a new suitcase while I wandered the aisles looking at all the fun travel gear.

God I love travel stores. 🙂

We also hit up MEC to look at shoes and I was recognized for the books by the cashier and the guy standing in line paying for his items. It was fun to have a ‘celebrity‘ moment with my parents watching.  🙂

Famished we went to Chutney Villa for dosa’s! UGH they were sooooo goooood!!

Look at the size of this thing (that’s what she said).

I managed to make quite a dent in that dosa…We headed home and immediately took dosa naps.  I snugged up with my step-mummy’s grammy award. Yes. I said grammy award (I’m so proud of her!)…

There is something magical about this award and I can’t stay away from it … probably because as a little girl I would watch the Grammy’s and the Oscars and then run to the mirror and practice my acceptance speech. So it’s kind of thrilling to actually hold (and in my case gently nuzzle) a grammy award.

For dinner Denise made the Pesto Potato Salad from LDV but I had a bit of a dosa tummy ache and didn’t eat much dinner …

After dinner we lay around and watched the movie Bright Star. It was directed by Jane Campion and is beautifully shot from start to finish… every detail of the movie is gorgeous!

I give it 9.5 out of 10 John Keats poems. 🙂 It loses .5 because Fanny Brawne is so passionate about sewing/fashion in the beginning of the story and that story line disappears along the way … not sure why she never made John that blue velvet coat she talked to him about. Anyhooo … small complaint. Go rent it!!

Thanks to The Rents for the fun visit! I love you guys!! 🙂

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5 Responses to Trip to Van …

  1. love bright star! i watched it three times in a week and cried each time.

    and i just booked a quick weekend trip to vancouver–gotta search through your archives for must-eats & must-sees.

  2. Cara says:

    Sounds like a fab Vancouver trip! I love Trout Lake! it’s like a little oasis in East Van. I just wish the market had longer hours – I rarely seem to make it there on time!

  3. vanessa says:

    Dude, I live just down the street from Trout Lake! I’m a regular at that market. One of the vendors said to me last week that “You’re hardcore! I see you here every week!” Yeah that’s right. 😉

    Have you checked out Radha yet? BEST veg restaurant in town.

  4. Nicki says:

    I LOVE Garlic Scapes. Quick question. If I wanted to mail you something (which I do) what address should I mail it to? Its a childrens book I found at the used bookstore I work at and I totally had to get it for you.

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