The Globe

Woke up exhausted after a rough nights sleep (Auntie Flow came to visit in the middle of the night) and we had a quick bath and ran down the street to The Globe. Which is one of my favourite restaurants in Seattle. Every time I come into town, it’s the first place I hit. Where we met up with some old-dear-loved-haven’t seen in ages friends and had a wonderful breakfast.Gerry waited anxiously for his french toast… thank god he had a coffee or he’d be unbearable. Vegan French Toast… who says Vegans don’t eat well?
I had grilled tofu and veggies over black beans and rice with salsa and guac. A breakfast full of protien and yummy goodness.

Greg ordered the bisquits and gravy that The Globe is known for, but I forgot to get a photo… but we’re going there for breakfast tomorrow before Gerry heads back to Victoria. So you’ll see tomorrow. 🙂

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