I don't like Mondays…

Everything fun seems to be closed on Mondays in Seattle. Poo.
I went to Sidecar to visit … Closed on Monday. Then we went next door to PizzaPi. Closed on Monday… see me crying?

Then we went to Elliot Bay Bookstore (YAY THey were open) and I signed some books and looked around. What an incredible store.

Gerry and I did some wandering around Pioneer Square and then hit Madison Market for yet another Faux Turkey Sandwich and Gerry ate 4 donuts from Mighty O Donuts. He’s gonna get fat again.. Tee hee.

Now we’re waiting to hear back from Greg… we might meet up for dinner tonight. I think we’re going to go to Teapot, but for now. I need a nap. I’m pooped.

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