The Curse …

Ended up in the hospital yesterday. 🙁

I got to work at Sarah’s Place and by around 12:30 I started to feel really sick … my period had arrived a few days ago but this month my period took a turn for the worse. I started sweat like crazy and then felt really sick and I realized that I was about to enter into “THE CRAMP ZONE”.

I’ve ended up in the hospital before with these kinds of monster cramps but my last bout was in 2009 and I thought my naturopath and I eradicated them …

These cramps are excruciating. Not regular every-day period cramps but the kind of cramps that are debilitating. I called Gerry and he whisked me to the hospital… On our way to the hospital the cramps were so painful that Gerry had to stop the car so I could throw up at the side of the road. Sexy.

We got to the ER and the admin nurse recognized me from the news story I was interviewed for last week. She wanted to chat about that and as I was doubled over the desk in pain I thought … “is she chatting with me about this because she’s clueless or because she’s trying to assess how much pain I’m in?”

They told me I could walk into the waiting area but I couldn’t even stand up … they fast-tracked me to a gurney in the hallway. I have no idea how long I lay in the hallway writhing in pain but at one point I had to throw up in a garbage can. 🙁

Luckily Gerry was there with me to hold my hand and tell me I was still cute even with puke breath. I really wish we hadn’t watched the movie Contagion the night before. *gag*

By the time the doctor got to me the worst of the pain was over and he had me do a pee test to see if I’m pregnant (can you have your period and be pregnant?) and sent me home. It was a total waste of time … but I’d rather be at the hospital in that much pain because who knows what could happen. Better safe then sorry.

The doctor had me do a mid-stream pee test to see if I was pregnant and it came with the craziest instructions …

#1. Wash hand thoroughly. Hand? Just ONE hand??

#2. Wash meatal? MEATAL? What kind of word is that? I looked it up and the only word I could find that’s similar is Meatus which means “an opening or passageway”

Meatus. That’s a terrible sounding word.

So … I guess it’s time to go back to the doctor and figure out what is going on. Anyone in Victoria have a good open-minded doctor (preferably in the downtown core) who is taking new patients?

BTW. I’m ok now. I came home. Lay around on the couch and watched bad tv and I’m back at work today feeling a little tired but fine. 🙂


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