Thanksgiving in 60 minutes

So this weekend was thanksgiving for us Canucks. I’m not much on holidays, we don’t celebrate anything in the Kramer house except for birthdays. But blame it on my pms because all this talk of mashed potatoes and cranberries finally got to me. In a fit of carb craving I ran to the store and purchased everything I would need for a quick thanksgiving meal.

From HIAV I made the Mighty Miso Gravy (pg 79).

From GOV I made Caramelized Onion & Fennel Mashed Potatoes (pg 116). I also made The Shake ‘n Fry (pg121) which I used to coat some slabs of firm tofu that had marinated in a light coating of Braggs and a pinch of thyme, cumin and black pepper.

From LDV I made the Cranberry Sauce (pg299). I also steamed some asparagus for a veggie.

I started cooking at 5:16pm and Gerry got home at 6:08 and dinner was ready and on the table by the time he got his shoes off and asked “what smells so good”.

Where’s the photo you ask? I forgot. *laugh* I inhaled my meal before I remembered to get a shot. Sorry. You’ll just have to duplicate my meal to enjoy it for yourself. What am I thankful for this year? Potatoes. I am so thankful for potatoes. 🙂

I also did a photoshoot with local burlesque dancer Ricky Hard yesterday and we got some CRAZY awesome shots. I’ve uploaded more to Sarah Kramer for your viewing pleasure.

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