Tea time!

I just added some new Earth’s Herbal Tea flavours to Sarah’s Place.

First is Yum Yum Sore Throat Tea. It is simply, Yummy! Drink hot or cold. As a hot tea is it great for the winter – sore throats or  drink everyday, especially singers who want to “warm up”

Next is Tea for Sad People.  All the herbs in this blend are calming to the nerves without making you sleepy. Uplifting to the spirit and mood.

And while it may feel like spring is around the corner … we still have a few cold nights ahead of us so why not cuddle up with a cup of Earth’s Herbal Hot Chocolate. There is Mint, Mexican Spice and my favourite Turkish Delight.

Check out all of the Earth’s Herbal products HERE. Hmmm. What to try first?  🙂

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