my eyes …

Well … the slow decline into middle-age has started. My eyes are going!

I keep finding myself holding menus farther and farther way and small print has become really really small!! Eeek.  🙁

I guess I gotta get my 42 year old eyeballs to an optometrist… the only thing that’s keeping me from being depressed about my ocular decline is all the rhinestone vintage frames I get to shop for now.  😉

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2 Responses to my eyes …

  1. Mabel says:

    The same thing is happening to me, and I think of all the things that aging/life can bring, I can handle this one because of all the cute/retro options for glasses. Your rhinestone ones are fabulous!

    Oh, and P.S., check out bilberry for eye support. : )

  2. I’m the same age as you and have just given in and got my first pair. Black arms with white polka dots, I love them and it’s great to be able to read ingredients lists easily! Look forward to seeing your new specs!

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