Takao Tanabe

We went and saw the Takao Tanabe exhibit today. I fell in love with the landscapes. Reminded me of where I grew up.

I made it to the Chek 6 News… but they just used a small snippet of what I said. I figured as much. *laugh*

If you look carefully you can see Gerry and Fergus in the reflection of the glass.

Tonight we’re gonna watch It’s All Gone Pete Tong. We missed it in the theater and we’ve been dying to see it. First I need to finish cookin up our pierogies and steamed brocc. It’s lazy person food tonight!!Ger just ran out to buy some Sour Cream. Yum! 🙂

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  1. aukelle says:

    I loved that movie, it was sooooo good.

    Be seeing you soon.

    Love aud.

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