Happy "Opting Out" Holdiays

I have lost track of how many years it’s been since Gerry and I decided to opt out of the Holiday Celebrations. It wasn’t a difficult transition… we just decided it wasn’t for us. All the stress and money troubles that this time of year would bring us wasn’t worth the hassle… so we just decided to step back.

We don’t do a tree or light candles. We don’t buy presents. Don’t attend holiday parties. We just go about our days like it’s any other time of the year.

I can feel the collective stress level peaking around me and all I feel is “chill”. It’s a nice feeling to not have any worries when everyone else around me is freaking out. *laugh*

Granted… it does bug me that the traffic gets crazy and it’s harder to find a place to park this time of year… but it’s like that in the summertime as well around the peak of Tourist Season. So whatever.

On X-mas day… since we are forced to take that day off by the rest of the world… we get up. Have a lazy morning. Make some pancakes. Take the dog for a good walk. Then we hit the movie theater for a 2 for 1 movie. Ahhhhhh sitting in the dark eating popcorn with our friends Stu & Sherri-Lynn (Who also “opt out”) is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the day off Santa.
I hope you go Vegan soon… cause between you and me, Buddy. You’re a heartattack waiting to happen.

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