Speaking of Winnipeg

So. Yes. Yesterdays contest answer was “Propagandhi lives in Winnipeg”. Hurray for David being the quickest one.

Today I would like to talk to you about my brother.
Well… not so much about Ben…I mean if I wanted I could tell you that I have a photo of him wearing a wig, lipstick and dress or that he stole candy from Safeway when he was 7 or show you the photos I have of him sporting an excellent Vanilla Ice haircut (Drop the Zero and get wit’ the Hero!). Oooh no. I wouldn’t want to talk about any of that.

What I do want to say is my bro lives in Winnipeg and is the head Chef-Mucky Muck at the Dandelion Eatery at the Organza Market.

My brothers menu is Vegan friendly and he says that as long as you tell the waiter that you’re Vegan… they can hook you up! Print out this little coupon out and you’ll get a free cup of fair trade coffee!! Woo hoo! So head down there right away and poke my brother in the belly button until he cries. He loves it.

Shockingly the Organza Market does not carry any of my cookbooks (FOR SHAME!!) but we can change that people!! We can. If you just give them a call or send them a polite e-mail… perhaps they’ll start carrying the books.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned… I have another give-a-way coming up soon.

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