More presents in the mail!!

A couple of great things to talk about.

First. Josh at Herbivore magazine was interviewed for the latest Vegan Freaks podcast You can listen to the podcast HERE and discover the wonders of Hooten and why I love him so much. I never laugh as much as I do when I’m hanging out with him… he has made me tinkle in my pants with laughter more times then I care to mention.

Second. My buddy Wiebke at Fat Records Europe just sent me 2 copies of the new Propagandhi cd and Holy Mother of Elvis does it ever kick ass!!

Me love Propagandhi long time and what a great new album. Woo Hoo!

My fav song on the cd is #7. My favourite lyrics from that song:“Anyone remember when we used to believe that music was a sacred place and not some fu*king bank machine? Not something you just bought and sold? How could we have been so naive?”


David is the winner. Thanks for playing everyone!!

So because Wiebke sent me 2 copies… I’m gonna give you a chance to win one!! SO… drum roll please… the first person to e-mail me the Canadian city that Propagandhi resides… will get this cd (plus a little treat from me) in the mail.

Are you ready?? GO!!

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