Wrote an article for the Dialogue for Change column in Shared-Vision magazine. You can read it HERE.

I had a limited amount words to get my point across… it was a tough one to write. 🙂 I’m used to writing books. *laugh*

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  1. Victoria E says:

    The article is rockin! No matter the length, you are still getting the message out, which is so very important.

  2. Sithspawn says:

    You’re a wonderful writer…

  3. Patrick says:

    Really, there’s no logical reason to use animal products. The only reasons
    people do are out of habit and a perceived preference for the flavors. All other
    arguments break down when the facts are presented. Well said.

  4. Urban Vegan says:


  5. Celeste says:

    The guy who wrote the counterpoint to your article is not thinking clearly. We do NOT have sharp carnivore teeth! I can tell that just by comparing my teeth to the cats I live with.

    Lately I have been encountering people who have seen Al Gore’s movie about global warming. The folks I’ve talked with about the movie are all gung-ho about saving the planet through changing their light bulbs (something mentioned in the movie). When I share that I recently read that going vegan saves three times more energy than buying a hybrid car, the conversation stops abruptly. I guess that’s inconvenient, too.

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