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0 Responses to Manamana

  1. Victoria E says:

    MUPPETS! <3

  2. Jen in Kingston says:

    Hmmm… this is one of our favourite skits! We got the first season on DVD last xmas and it is still a regular spin in our player!

  3. chrisitna says:

    do do dododo!

  4. Wiebke says:

    love love love it! my sister and i used to sing it in the car and drove everyone crazy.

  5. Carol says:

    Ok, I absolutely can’t watch that or I’ll me munumanumming for a week.

  6. Karen says:

    For some reason, this used to give me nightmares when I was a child. I have a feeling I’m going to be up late tonight for fear of hearing “munumanum” coming from the darkened closet…

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