Sarah’s Place Update – Surgery

70764f6297dc11e299af22000a9e29bc_7We saw the surgeon last Thursday. I’ve decided against immediate reconstruction (for a number of reasons) and we have set a date for my mastectomy.

This mass I have in my breast is a little over 4cm. No time to mess-around with alternative therapies… we gotta get this sucker out of me.

So the surgery date is April 9th.

This means I have to close Sarah’s Place for about 2 weeks while I recover from surgery.

Sarah’s Place last day open will be SATURDAY APRIL 6TH!

I thought about having other people work for me while I’m recouping and I’ve had lots of people volunteer their time … but I need to focus on healing and I can’t be worried about what’s going on when I’m not there. I’d like to thank my landlords at Market Square for being so cool about me closing temporarily.

2 weeks after my mastectomy we will get the pathology reports back and then we’ll know if I have to do radiation/chemo. What will  happen after that … we will decide later. Right now I need to focus on the surgery.

-1Everyone keeps asking me what they can do to help? It sounds crass but #1 thing you can do is buy something from Sarah’s Place. Either in person or online at I gotta pay my bills and closing for 2 weeks off is going to hurt so if you feel like helping … buy something.

**Vancouver ONLY!** If you live in/near Vancouver – and do an online order at Sarah’s Place between April 6-8th and use the coupon code: FORKCANCER you will get free shipping. All orders will be shipped en masse from Sarah’s Place to Nice Shoes and you can pick up your order from Nice Shoes when it arrives.

As for the surgery – I’ll try to keep you updated as best I can … According to the paperwork we got from the hospital I will be “legally impaired” for 24 hours after the surgery so I better give my iPhone to Gerry so I don’t live-tweet something inappropriate from my hospital bed. 🙂

Love you guys.


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