Sarah’s Place is hiring for the summer! 🙂

I am looking for someone with:

  • Must have prior retail experience
  • Familiar with how to work a debit machine
  • Someone who is organized, a self starter and is a people person
  • Must be passionate about veganism, animal rights and also enjoy fashion
  • Someone with a flexible schedule who can occasionally work more then 2 days a week if needed

What I am offering:

  • Part time – starting at 2x days a week
  • Minimum wage to start
  • I have several out of town events this summer and I will need someone who can cover for me on those days I am gone

Please drop off a resume to Sarah’s Place or e-mail to


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  1. Lisa Pons-Labelle says:

    Hi Sarah,
    sorry I can’t apply for the job, I would love to work at your store, it sounds like a fab place, can’t wait to check it out in person. Just wanted to say that I bought your app yesterday and am loving it! The layout is super easy to navigate and very good looking. And of course the recipes are wonderful! 5 stars from me. See you at vegan festival!

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