What an interesting weekend I had  … I have been SO stressed out working on the Victoria Vegan Fest. We have a great crew of volunteers helping organize but there is SO MUCH STUFF that Dave and I are doing behind the scenes that I am starting to feel frazzled. My friend April told me about this Horse Therapy session she had out at Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary.

I read up about Bowen Therapy session and when I read that Cristal Bishop combines her Bowen therapy practice in tandum with her medicine horse Prince… As soon as I read about Prince – I knew I needed to go for a visit. 🙂

We got to the Sanctuary and my heart stopped…

As I walked through the barn and looked out over the 30 acres … I heard a voice inside me say “You are doing it wrong. This is where you should be…

I really think all this hustle and bustle of the festival planning, running Sarah’s Place, helping Gerry with Tattoo Zoo, trying to keep our house clean, loving my husband and dog, spending time with my family. It’s all starting to stress me out. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life. I created it. But I think I’ve also created too much chaos and it might be time to simplify and spend some time at Mary’s. I’m going to check out doing some volunteer time there.

I met Cristal and she introduced me to Prince. What a sexy beast he is … 🙂

She lead us out to the horse ring where she had a massage table set up in the center.

While Cristal worked on me – Prince did his thing. He ate grass, wandered around the ring and then would come over and breath on me.

He seemed to know where all my pain was because he would bump the area with his nose and then he would hang out over that spot and breathe. He spent a lot of time near my jaw/face which is where I sustained a big blow to the head during a robbery on a trip to New Orleans (which I write about in Vegan A Go-Go).

After our session was done Prince came over and I thanked him for the treatment and he snuggled my face for a few minutes. I thought I would cry but instead I was just filled with gratitude for my life and for the time I got to spend with Prince and Cristal.

On the way back to the barn we bumped into this guy …

After we said our good-byes – Gerry, Fergus and I went to Goldstream Park for a walk… we walked through the tunnel and because it’s early in the season the riverbed is dry and we were able to walk all the way up to the waterfall…

As I walked up to the waterfall I felt my eyes fill with tears … I felt like I was out of my body and so deeply in my body all at the same time. I have been having a lot of pain in my left arm (due to an old car accident injury) and Prince had spent a lot of time on my arm. He even gently bit the area (with just his lips – no teeth) and when I got to the waterfall my arm was throbbing …

So I dunked it in the ice cold water and let the water run over my arms … I ran my hands over the cool rocks and found one that fit perfectly in my hand. We got back to the car and I felt AMAZING!! Full of energy and full of love. It was a wonderful day.

I brought my little rock home and have it sitting on my bookshelf in the hallway and now every time I walk by it – it makes me smile and think of Prince and his magical horsey powers.

Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary is having an open house on Sunday from 11-3pm. If you’re in the area – pop by. I’ll be there making lovey-dovey eyes at Prince.  🙂




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  1. ArianeK says:

    Wow. Sounds like it was just what you needed. <3

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