SARAH!! Someone is here to see you!!

Yesterday Gerry called me up to the front of the shop because someone was there to see me. Who? ME?

This lovely couple Frank and ?? (Oh dear…I’m terrible with names) from NYC were in town visiting and they popped in to say hello…. not only did they say hello but they brought me presents!! Weeeeeeeee! Even Fergus got a present!! I had a very nice chat with them and they didn’t seem to mind at all that I was covered in plaster and paint.

I then went back upstairs to finish painting the studio. Ugh. What a mess it is up there… but I’m almost done. Just one wall left to do and then I can move back downstairs to do the rest later.

As for why this painting is taking so long… we have over 2000 sq feet of space… our ceilings are at least 20 feet high and I’m just one tiny person who can only paint for a few days at a time before her back breaks. *laugh* So I’m doing the shop one room at a time… when I have time… and eventually I’ll be done. *laugh* But as all you home owners know… the work is never done.

I’m also VERY excited because a VHS tape I ordered from The National Film Board arrived in the mail yesterday (Who watches VHS anymore?). This video is about Louis Reil and who’s in this little video ?? Why none other then my Pops Ken Kramer.

Filmed in 1974 – Tales from a Prairie Drifter is a stage comedy about the Northwest Rebellion during the opening of the Canadian West. It highlights the roles of Louis Riel, the rebel leader, of Sir John A. Macdonald, the prime minister, and of General Middleton, who was sent to quell the uprising.

For this film, the play was performed by the Regina Globe Theatre before an audience of Indians and Métis, and their reactions were recorded.

I’m sooo excited to watch it. You can watch a little snippet of it HERE.

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  1. Kramers says:

    SO COOL.

    He looks just the same now. Exactly.

    Share more footage if you can.

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